Workshop “The Experimental Side of Modeling” (2)

San Francisco State University        HUM 587 March 30-31, 2010

Free but registration is required. Contact: Isabelle Peschard

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Workshop “The Experimental Side of Modeling” (1)
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This second workshop in the series will focus on  questions related to data in the assessment of models or/and  empirical characterization of phenomena. Questions to be addressed include what are relevant data,  what are the relevant physical parameters of the system under study, i.e. those  that make a difference that should not be neglected or shielded off  but rather be accounted for. Are there scientific controversies about this, how are they resolved?

 We aim to have  these sorts of questions addressed in different scientific disciplines, with attention to differences in how they are approached and dealt with there. Elizabeth Lloyd will take up those issues as they arise in climate modeling, Alan Love and Roberta Millstein in biology. Anthony Chemero, Isabelle Peschard, and Bas van Fraassen will address foundations and applications of dynamics in such diverse areas as fluid mechanics and cognitive science.

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Commentators at large: Arthur Fine (U. Washington), James Griesemer (UC Davis), Jenann Ismael (U. Arizona), Edward MacKinnon (CSU East Bay), Elizabeth Potter (Mills College), Shannon Vallor (Santa Clara U.), Andrea Woody (U. Washington)